5 Super Bowl Commercials 2012 and What You Can Learn From Them

I am not much of a football fan, except for my Michigan State Spartans, so when the Super Bowl rolls around I usually don’t even know who the teams are that are playing. I do however enjoy watching the game mainly for the commercials.

Companies spend a fortune on advertising during the Big Game because so many people are tuned in. There is a bit of pressure on them to create really unique and memorable commercials, basically a best of the best that they can do.

Everyone always creates a list of the best commercials, but I thought I would do something a little different. I want to talk about 5 commercials that stood out for me and what you can learn from them.

Here they are:

Clint Eastwood Chrysler Commercial

I’m a Detroiter and last year’s commercial with Eminem really hit the heart of my city. So the pressure was on Chrysler to create an equally moving commercial. This year they centered their message on the whole country with their “it’s halftime America” message. Things have been rough, but we are seeing glimpses of positive change here in Detroit. The commercial focused on hope and was sprinkled with images of Chrysler cars. The cars were not the focus.

Takeaway: Your central message doesn’t always have to be about the product.

Budweiser Clydesdales Prohibition Commercial

I usually love the Clydesdales commercials. They are almost always awesome, whether they are funny or moving. This year was a really miss for me though. This year tried to be a serious one. They were trying to show how Budweiser is always there for the big moments in life, such as when Prohibition ended. Prohibition? Really? I get that people were probably very happy to have legal alcohol available to them again, but this commercial didn’t give me the warm fuzzies that Clydesdales commercials usually do.

Takeaway: You can’t coast on an image that is well loved by people, the message should really mean something.

The Dog Strikes Back Volkswagon Beetle Commercial

This very humorous commercial was about a dog that longs for the ability to chase after a VW Beetle, but needs to get into to shape to do so. I loved the part where he had to ignore all the food that the baby was dropping on the floor around him. It was also a commercial in a commercial though, ending in a Tatooine Cantina with the bar patrons discussing which commercial was better, the dog or the Star Wars kid from last year. One patron claims the dog was better and Vader shows up to Force choke him until he apologizes. Very funny.

Takeaway: Star Wars still sells! Plus it was relatable because most of us have been in that “get in shape, loose weight” place.

GoDaddy Body Paint Commercial

I can’t embed this commercial and I am kind of glad that I can’t. Sex always sells is a timeless advertising message. Really though, these risque go to our website to see more type of commercials are just getting old and worn. They are also one of the big reasons I am moving all of my domains away from them and to Namecheap.

Takeaway: Know your audience. I’m not sure of any statistics that show exactly how the viewship of the Super Bowl breaks down between men and women, and the break down between men and women domain owners. I do know they are not all men and there is probably a significant percentage of women for both.

Doritos Man’s Best Friend Commercial

While this commercial probably didn’t win any cat lovers, it was a pretty funny look at a dog bribing his owner to keep quiet with some Doritos. This commercial was created for a contest run by Doritos by a freelance graphic designer.

Takeaway: User created content can be the key to having your product, blog or website stand out.

I know there were a few other standout (both good and bad) Super Bowl commercials this year. Share one of yours in the comments below and what your takeaway was.

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